We are very pleased to announce our up coming title Defending Humanity: Tower Defense Wars

With maze platforms to build on as well as linear paths and a mix of both.

Casual size maps up to giant maps, with full pan-tilt-zoom-rotate controls.

Dynamic weather system.

Large amount of maps to play on with more being added through out the life of the game.

Entire campaign is free to play.

Abilities to help do damage, heal your towers, debuff the enemy and buff your towers.

Large selection of towers to choose from with more then 3 levels of upgrades.

Persistent Skill Tree system,  Earn points through beating maps and or buying through the in app store at a reasonable price and all items

sold are PERMANENT we will have no 1 time or only a few time use items buy a tower keep it for the life,  Buy a new map pack you keep it for life, buy a pack of perk points keep them forever.