Large scale Tower Defense:   What I mean by this is most tower defense games have very little or no pan, tilt, zoom or rotate, where as my maps range from small to very large in size where moving the map or zooming out is needed.

Dynamic Weather: Full day and night cycles with 4 seasons, fog, snow, rain, volumetric clouds, sun rays, the snow in winter builds up on objects and either spring or a heat source melts it.

Large Number of maps:  We will have a very large number of maps to play on, maze maps as well as normal path maps and a hybrid of both. No matter which maps you love the most, we will have a lot of them all.

Enemies are not push overs they fire back as well as some having shields

Active abilities: Ion cannon from space to ground, shields, damage DOT's (damage over time) and much more.

A large skill tree to customize how you play.