The year is 2377 a giant asteroid crashes into the pacific ocean,    Lucky it didn't hit land.

What we found when we raised it up was a new crystal we have never seen before we called

this crystal cytron,   In 2401

Professor Rian Johnston unlocked the true secrets of this crystal when he made the first truey

clean everlasting power source,  This changed the world as we knew it forever for the better

within 6 months of Cytron energy becoming discovered the entire earth was finally at peace

we we set our goals on leaving our planet for a newly discovered planet the the Astronomist

Alisha Rice found the planet she named Terra Prime was in the solar system that this asteroid

came from,    She had found a earth like planet.

But it wasn't until 2405 that Alexis Smith discovered FTL "Faster then Light travel.

This changed Humanity forever earth started working together on the first large scale world wide

project,    The Tynus project was a FTL colony ship made to reach Terra Prime within 3 years.

The year is 2409 when the Tynus project completes and the best and brightest earth had to offer

from all over the globe joined the Tynus colony mission ready to survey and colonise Terra Prime.


The year is 2412 the Tynus team reaches orbit around Terra Prime they do a 2 month orbit around the

planet and setup a starbase they brought within to orbit Terra Prime and survey for Cytron crystals

and see if there were any sentient life living on the planet and if so offer a peaceful welcome from Earth

we found no signs of life from another 4 months of scanning and we found a great landing site to

start our first off Earth colony name New Eden,   Where humanity was going to build a peaceful new

Earth with all the Cytron humanity ever needed.


The Year is 2413 the main landing ship begins its landing approach into Terra Primes upper

atmosphere when the engines start to malfunction and go offline,  Our scanners now detect

a unknown gas we have never seen and its causing our engines to shut down,

The landing ship passes through the atmosphere with 4 of 11 remaining landing thrusters

its a hard landing and the landing ship is wrecked beyond repair.

we build our first colony New Eden around the land ships wreck to remind of us of the 200 brave souls lost

that day.


12 months go by and our scientists still haven't found a way to break orbit with thrusters.

And then it happens a sentient race calling their selfs Zymorphs appear from under ground

and greet us peacefully and welcome us to Zymor their home planet,

The symor's asked only one thing of us and that was to never go underground and to dont

tunnel into the earth because that was their home,   We asked if we may harvest the Cytron crystals

and they said everything on the surface was ours as long as we didn't dig or tunnel into the earth to

remove it,    We quickly accepted and thanked the zymorphs for welcoming us and sharing their planet with



The year is 2420